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Teachers’ Day 2011

The following files from the 2011 Statistics Teachers’ Day organised by the Auckland mathematical Association and The University of Auckland’s Department of Statistics have now been put up on Census At School’s website:

  • Death of the Normal Distribution: Resampling (Bootstrapping), Randomisation and More, Auckland Mathematical Association and Statistics Department, University of Auckland, Wednesday 23 November 2011
  • Star Trek Inference Tour: From taking samples to bootstrap and randomisation inference at light speed, Professor Chris Wild, Statistics Department, University of Auckland
  • Bootstrapping and Randomisation
  • Questionnaire design (Achievement Standard 2.8: Design a questionnaire), Anna Martin and Jacob Le Roux, Avondale College
  • Teaching activities towards Achievement Standard 2.9: Use statistical methods to make an inference: Handouts and Data Files, Lindsay Smith, University of Auckland
  • A brief introduction to experimental design (Relates to AS 2.10), James Curran, University of Auckland
  • Talk Back to Statistics: Statistical literacy skills in Achievement Standard 2.11 (Evaluate a statistically based report), Rachel Passmore, St Kentigern College
  • Risk (Relates to part of AS 2.12), Thomas Lumley, University of Auckland
  • A new world of simulations: Games Suitable for Simulations and Other Handouts, Marion Steel, Epsom Girls Grammar School
  • Probability: risk-free, Lars Thomsen, Avondale College
  • Genstat for Year 11 and 13 Statistical Analysis, Jeanette Chapman, Otago Girls’ High School