CensusAtSchool 2021 launches May 10

Teacher Instructions

Step 1

Register now

Step 2: Choose a date to take part

Students can take part during school hours from May 10, 2021, until the end of 2022. They’ll need your registration code which is emailed to you when you register. You are welcome to have your students complete the Census anytime that suits you best however we do encourage schools to complete it as close to the launch date as possible. Different students can take part on different dates, however, the online survey itself must be completed in one sitting by a student.

Step 3: Read the Teacher Guide

Step 4: Print and give a copy of the diary to each student

This is important to do the school day before taking part so your students can complete their diary at home. You’ll find the diary on the last page of the Teacher Guide.

Step 5: Prepare your classroom

Follow the instructions in the Teacher Guide.

Step 6: Take part!

For assistance, contact CensusAtSchool co-director Rachel Cunliffe: (027) 3833 746 or census@stat.auckland.ac.nz.