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3 additions to our website you should know about

The 2011 database is now in the data-viewer (thoroughly cleaned)

It’s also the data-viewer‘s default database. A lot of effort has gone into cleaning the 2011 data – combatting a trend whereby an annoying but growing minority of students is entering silly values. In preparation for the 2013 survey, we will have a dialogue with teachers later in the year about how this trend might be reversed. The 2011 database is currently the cleanest of the databases.

Click here to use the data-viewer.

A 33,000 record database of 2003 income data for working New Zealanders is available in the data-viewer

This is 33,000 records from Statistics New Zealand. Data sampled from this database can be treated as if it was sampled from “the New Zealand population aged between 25 and 64 years of age who participate in paid work” in 2003.

The variable names on data-viewer are: age_cat, age_midpt, sex, ethnicity, highest_qualification, weekly_hrs, weekly_income

The values of the categorical variables have been changed from numeric codes to meaningful names. The nature of most of the variables is clear from their names. Exceptions: are age_cat, which is age in 5-year age groups coded as 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, …; age_mid whose values are the midpoint of the age categories.

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A Macintosh version of the data analysis program iNZight is available

Click here to download.

St Cuthberts has been being successfully using the Mac version on school and student’s home machines this year.