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iNZight updates

Use of the iNZight program for analysing statistical data analysis has just been made a whole lot easier. The software is now packaged in a form where it can be downloaded (or copied) and then used on Windows machines without the user needing to have administrative privileges because it needs no formal installation – see the downloads page at:

(we have ideas about how to do the same thing for Mac but have not managed to do so yet)

The movie of Chris Wild’s talk from the Statistics Teachers Day in Auckland yesterday, together with the software he used in it, has been put up at

Chris’s talk, entitled “Star Trek Inference Tour: From taking samples to Bootstrap and Randomisation Inference at Warp Speed”, was aimed at giving some preparatory understandings of Year 13 statistical inference for 2013 and beyond. This and the rest of the resources from Teacher’s Day will go up on Census At School progressively over the summer.