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Rugby World Cup: Victus

CensusAtSchool’s survey results have made their way to Indonesia!

“Interestingly, an online educational survey in New Zealand, “CensusAtSchool”, reflected the fact that 83 percent of young respondents expected the All Blacks to make the final of the competition, while only 41 percent thought that they would actually go on to win it.

This contrasts with a UMR Research Ltd. poll that found 77 percent of New Zealand’s adults (parents, presumably, of at least some of the aforementioned children) predicting an All Blacks success story.

The results are surprising. One would have thought that the kids would have been all wide-eyed and dreamy, full of youthful hope and exuberance, while the adults tempered their optimism with the experience of regular disappointment.

Apparently, this is not so, reflecting perhaps the extent to which the “chokers” tag is resonant among the younger generation.”

Source: The Jakarta Post