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Teaching Statistics MOOC – Professional development opportunity

Dear Colleagues

Here at the Friday Institute at NC State, I am offering a Massive Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-ED) that is focused on “Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations”. The course is designed to target pedagogy and content for teachers (preservice, practicing, college-level teaching assistants, and teacher educators) in middle school, high school, and AP/ intro college levels. There will be many choices and options in the course for teachers to focus their learning around content that they teach. You can see a more detailed description of the course here:

The second run of the course will launch September 28th and has 6 weeks of material. Registration is open and FREE! There is an opportunity for to earn Certificate of Completion for either 20 hrs (for completing activities and engaging in discussions) or 25 hrs (also includes a project). It may be a great opportunity for teachers to work in teams to complete the course together.

Preservice teachers could complete activities in the course as part of assignments in an on-campus course or take it in addition to their on-campus courses to enhance their preparation to teach statistics.

If you teach a course or include units in your methods courses focused on teaching statistics, you may also want to engage with us in the MOOC-Ed to gain additional resources and ideas for your own courses.

In the course, participants will see many video-based examples of students and teachers engaging in statistics tasks, hear from a panel of experts on teaching statistics (Chris Franklin, Susan Friel, Webster West), learn about statistical habits of mind, be introduced to a framework for developing students’ statistical sophistication (adapted from GAISE), examine tasks, and engage with real data sets using dynamic tools such as TuvaLabs and Codap with the option of using StatCrunch or JMP (both have donated free licenses), or inexpensive tools like TinkerPlots, Fathom, or any other tool they are familiar with.  Now doesn’t that all sound fun? Especially if you also have the option of engaging in discussions with teachers and teacher educators from all around the world?

I would appreciate it if you could spread the word about this course to your pre-service and local teacher contacts. I have attached a flyer that can be distributed. SmallFlyerforTSDIMOOC-EdFall2015

I am excited to offer this professional development for teachers and teacher educators on a wide scale and hope that it can be used to enhance the teacher education efforts in universities and local school districts!

If you have any questions let me know!

Many Smiles