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Bullying top issue for WA school children

Australian CensusAtSchool have just released results from their latest survey:

Australian students say school bullying is the most important social issue to tackle, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data.

Bullying at school has been the highest rated social issue, across Australia over the last four years, ABS assistant director of education services unit Frances Mawdsley said.

“Reducing bullying has been the social issue of highest importance to Australian students since 2010, with a peak level of importance recorded in 2012,” she said.

“It has actually reduced across Australia in 2013, but still remains as the number on issue.”

Students rated the importance of reducing bullying in the survey, a median of 84 out of 100, Ms Mawdsley said.

West Australian students had rated the importance 80.4 out of 100.

The figures indicate that bullying causes a great deal of anxiety among children, ECU Child Health Promotion Research Centre Professor Donna Cross said.

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