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We’ve been listening

Teachers have been telling us that it is very hard to navigate in the landscape of new curriculum materials, achievement standards, exemplars, teaching resources and so on. Because everything is so scattered, it Is often almost impossible to find what you need.

To overcome this Tracey Meek and Lindsay Smith have put together a CensusAtSchool resource which starts with each achievement standard and then links to all relevant resources that we know about. We provide a summary of resources for each Achievement Standard providing links to NZQA, exemplars, TKI, PowerPoint presentations, teaching resources and background articles.


At present this is delivered as a large Word document. It will be continuously updated so it would be wise to pull down the latest version whenever you want to use it. CensusAtSchool’s website is currently being redesigned to put teacher needs in the new environment at the heart of what the site delivers. We aim to become a current, comprehensive, resource bank for the Teaching of Statistics in NZ. When the redesign process is complete, the Word file will become a set of categorised resources.

To help us keep our achievement standards-centred resources and links up to date, if you come across something good that we have missed please email us:

While on the subject of changes to standards, assessment and worries about them, we can also pass on the following:

  • the randomisation test is only relevant to standard A3.11: Conduct an experiment …
  • bootstrap/re-sampling confidence intervals are only relevant to standard A3.10: Use statistical methods to make a formal inference
  • iNZight is available for Mac as well as Windows in user-friendly-installation form. It also works with Linux though the user will have to install R themselves (see the downloads pages of )