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Launch photos

On the morning of Tuesday 16 August, actor Shane Cortese, best known for his performances on Dancing with the Stars and Shortland Street, took part in the televised launch of CensusAtSchool NZ.

Students at St Mary’s School in Northcote were excited to meet Shane Cortese and hear what he had to say.

Shane Cortese with students and Bronwyn Weston
Shane Cortese talking with students

Shane Cortese sitting with students
Shane Cortese sitting with students

Rachel Cunliffe on Breakfast
Rachel Cunliffe talking live on Breakfast

Shane Cortese with students at St Mary's (Northcote)
Class photo, with Shane Cortese and Rachel Cunliffe

Jason Florence, Rachel Cunliffe, Bronwyn Weston, and Shane Cortese
Shane with part of the CensusAtSchool NZ team
Left to right: Jason Florence, resource writer; Rachel Cunliffe, co-director of CensusAtSchool; Bronwyn Weston, resource writer; Shane Cortese
Background: Principal of St Mary’s School Northcote and Teacher Bronya Scott

All photos by Godfrey Boehnke, The University of Auckland.