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Making a formal statistical inference with 100% confidence

Ash Rambhai, Ormiston Senior College, discussed making a formal statistical inference (in one sense) is a culmination of a student’s statistical journey at secondary school. This achievement standard requires students to really “see” or “perceive” statistical concepts and contextual ideas for themselves; but we as curriculum leaders must be able to do the same, first!

Ash’s aim for the workshop was to build teacher confidence in delivering the content required for this achievement standard. In this workshop teachers produced their own exemplar.


2014 Statistics Day presentation

91582 Marking Grid 2014

Analysis AS91582 Statistical Inference

Conclusion – student Q&A Conclusion

Confidence intervals – practice

Introduction iNZight instructions

MAS3 – Inference Achieved example

MAS3 – Inference Excellence example

MAS3 – Inference Merit example

Report writing structure