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Integrating Statistical and Contextual knowledge for Excellence

Anne Patel, Otahuhu College, Census At School & Jake Wills, Westlake Boys’ High School, present at the joint AMA and University of Auckland Statistics Teachers’ Day.

Anne and Jake discuss students formal writing skills that are already at excellence level, but point out language issues teachers and students should be aware of.

Excellence level statistical communication will be a focus as integration of both sets of knowledge (statistical and contextual) are required for students to reach Excellence in this standard.

It is important to note that the language features discussed will not be applicable to all students, especially those working towards Achieved level, who have a basic grasp of  both formal report writing and statistical concepts at level 3.

Aiming for Excellence in 3.10 Student worksheet

Exemplar Child Smoking (Not Achieved) Pre changes

Exemplar (High Excellence) Post changes

Integrating Statistical Contextual knowledge Power point


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