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Critical Skills, Concepts and Techniques for Level 3 Experiments

Chris Niles (Epsom Girls’ Grammar School) presented techniques required for conducting experiments at Level 3 that are not easily taught or assessed. Students need to experience data collection and analysis. In this workshop, Chris explored ways to conduct experiments in class, write reports and assess students in such a way that will minimise wasted time and maximise learning efficiency. Technological resources will be utilised during the workshop. Chris used iNZight (download from

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Stats Day PPT


2015 marksheet Word       2015 marksheet PDF

Babies Walking Experiment Word      Babies Walking Experiment PDF

Babies Walking CSV     Babies Walking PDF

Bacteria in shoes worn with and without socks Word  Bacteria in shoes worn with and without socks PDF
Barefoot CSV

Complex Frame Word       Complex Frame PDF

Exercise_Control_Datacards Word       Exercise_Control_Datacards PDF

Experiments Assessment Plan

SimpleFrame Word       SimpleFrame PDF

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