NZC Level 8, NCEA Level 3: Statistics and Probability



Scholarship Statistics candidates are expected to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation, and to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding and ideas to complex situations.

The student will use knowledge of statistics to apply statistical and probability concepts and methods to complex problems in contexts which may be unfamiliar, interpret and, where appropriate, make inferences and clearly communicate concepts and findings.

     Applying and interpreting statistical and probability concepts and methods may involve:

  • exploring data
  • drawing on informed contextual knowledge
  • making inferences
  • dealing with sources and consequences of uncertainty
  • applying appropriate models
  • stating and evaluating assumptions of models used
  • explaining conceptions and processes (e.g. simulation-based processes)
  • critiquing based on the Problem-Plan-Data-Analysis-Conclusion (PPDAC) cycle
  • offering competing explanations and important follow-up questions
  • evaluating statistically based and / or probabilistically based reports

 * from the NZQA Statistics Performance Standard

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