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Higher level communication for Scholarship and Excellence – Dr Nic (SLC)

Nicola Petty, (aka Dr Nic), from the Statistics Learning Centre, explored issues around developing statistical insight.

Scholarship is a rich opportunity to help students to develop more integrated knowledge and to communicate clearly, concisely and with conviction. Producing “Excellent” level work is not a cosmetic top layer, nor simply a matter of going one step further, but rather displaying deeper understanding and the ability to transfer and make connections.

Dr Nicola Petty explored ideas and activities in her workshop that can help lift the level of response in NCEA level 3 statistics to excellence level, and prepare students for the scholarship exam. In order to provide a valuable experience for students at a scholarship day in Hamilton in 2014, Nicola did a lot of thinking, reading and preparation. She shares a condensed version here with activities and discussion.

Scholarship Auckland 2014

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