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Who wants to be a millionaire?

Every year, more and more money in being won by people of all ages playing competitive video games either online or at huge LANs (Local Area networks). World Cyber games plan to give out $500,000, the Cyberathlete Professional League will pay out $1,000,000 in prizes in 2005 and quakecon 2005, handed out $300,000 in cash prize money at a single event.

Many skills are needed to become a professional cyber athlete and one of those is lightning fast reflexes. Have you got what it takes?

Students investigate reaction times and calculate the probability of their reaction time being faster than 175ms. They can look at larger samples from CensusAtSchool to compare their reaction time with other people.


Achievement Objectives

  • Level 4
    • S4-4 Use simple fractions and percentages to describe probabilities

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