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NZ Incomes 2003 SURF

Download the data (csv): NZIncomes03_11000 or NZIncomes03_34000

These are Synthetic Unit-Record Files (SURFs) from Statistics New Zealand. NZIncomes03_11000 is a set of 11,000 synthetic unit-records and NZIncomes03_34000 is set of 34,000 synthetic unit-records simulating data from the NZ Income Survey (NZIS) in the June 2003 quarter. While the data is fictitious, it has been constructed so that the mean and relationships between variables are similar to those in the real data collected.

Data sampled in this database (and random samples from it) can be treated as if it was sampled from “the New Zealand population aged between 25 and 64 years of age who participate in paid work” in 2003.

The data records with a mixture of categorical and numerical variables.  We have replaced the variables from NZIS with numerical category codes with short descriptive codes as follows:

  • Age midpoint (age_midpt): Between 25 and 64 years (27.5, 32.5, 37.5, ….., 62.5)  in 5-year age bands
  • Age Category (age_cat):  Between 25 and 64 years (25-29, 30-34, …, 60-64) in 5-year age bands
  • Sex: male and female (M,  F)
  • Ethnicity: six categories (european-pakeha, maori, pacific, non-maori combination, maori combination, other)
  • Highest qualification (highest_qualification): five categories (post school, school, no qualification, bachelor or higher, vocational/trade)
  • Weekly hours (weekly_hrs):  total usual weekly hours worked from all wages and salary jobs (weekly_hrs)
  • Weekly income (weekly_income):  total usual weekly income ($) from all sources (weekly_income)

The values of the categorical variables have been changed from numeric codes to meaningful names. The nature of most of the variables is clear from their names.  Exceptions: are age_cat, which is age in 5-year age groups coded as 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, …; age_mid whose values are the midpoint of the age categories.

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