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CensusAtSchool 2009 data subset (15,000 rows)

A collation of CensusAtSchool data from the 2009 NZ survey.

A subset of 15 000 data values is available in an excel spreadsheet.

CensusAtSchool 2009 subset (as .csv)

CensusAtSchool 2009 subset (as .xlsx)

2009 variables, attributes and questions

These are the variables (or attributes) in the 2009 survey: (full list)

Qualitative Variablesgender = boy/girl

country = country born in

ethnic… = ethnic group

handed = left or right handed or ambidextrous

travel = travel to school today was mainly on

bagcarry = how bag is carried

favlearning = favourite school subject

sport = favourite sport to participate

tech… = technology you have

onlineactivities… = which online activities

fitlevel = fitness level

favtvshow = favourite tv show

region = location of school within NZ

livingnz / nohokiaotearoa = best thing about living in NZ

betternz / paiakeaotearoa = how to make NZ better

holidayloc = favourite holiday location

prefquality = preferred quality

superpower = preferred superpower

Quantitative Variablesage = age in years

languages = languages spoken

height = height to nearest centimeter (cm)

rightfoot = length of right foot (cm)

armspan = width of arm span (cm)

wrist = circumference of wrist (cm)

neck = circumference of neck (cm)

popliteal = popliteal length (cm)

indexfinger = length of index finger (mm)

ringfinger = length of index finger (mm)

timetravel = time to travel to school today (mins)

bagweight = weight of bag (g)

goodat… = how good at … are you

reaction = reaction time  (secs)

cellmonths = current cell phone age (months)

bedtime = bedtime last night

waketime = wake up this morning

pulserest = resting pulse rate (beats/min)

importwarm = importance of global warming

Note that the import… questions are rated from -100 (Not at all Important) to +100 (Very Important).

importpollution = importance of reducing pollution

importrecycling = importance of recycling

importwater = importance of conserving water

importlifestyle = importance of having a healthy lifestyle

importenergy = importance of energy efficiency

importgovern = importance of government

importcomputer = importance of having a computer

year = school year level