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Year 5 Exploring Our World: Teaching Plan new

A teaching plan covering  statistics and probability learning outcomes

Activity 1: Introduction to data science, statistics & Dollar Street

Lesson 1: Introduction to data science and statistics

  • Introduction to data science and statistics
  • Finding out about Dollar Street, New Zealand Census, and CensusAtSchool websites

Lesson 2: Introducing the Dollar Street website to the class

  • Introduction to Dollar Street
  • Finding out about the $ values
  • Finding out what variables Dollar Street collects
  • Learning about attributing photographs from the internet

Activity 2: Dollar Street Investigation

Lesson 1 – Identifying our investigative focus

  • Make a connection to the Social Studies big idea of people seeing the world differently depending on their values, traditions, and experiences. Diversity: looking between and within cultures.
  • Students are introduced to the PPDAC statistical enquiry cycle for data investigations.
  • Students decide on an investigative purpose to gather data from Dollar Street – what will they detect?
  • Students make a conjecture about what they expect to find.

Lesson 2 – Planning to collect data from Dollar Street

  • Students identify the variables that they want to collect for their investigative focus.
  • This will include defining the variables and possible outcomes to consider.
  • Students develop data collection questions.
  • Students test out their data collection ideas to see that they will work. They update data collection tools.
  • Students design a way to record the data they will collect.

Lesson 3 – Collecting data from Dollar Street

  • Students are collecting data from photographs on Dollar Street.
  • Students are recording data in an electronic spreadsheet.. 
  • Students are checking data for errors.

Lesson 4 – Analysing our data from Dollar Street

  • Students import their data into CODAP and create data visualisations for their data.
  • Students make summary statements about the data, connecting it to the group that was investigated.

Lesson 5 – Communicating findings about Dollar Street

  • Students are learning to choose the best descriptive statements to answer the investigative question.
  • Students prepare their own evidence of undertaking a statistical enquiry to share with others.
  • Students can reflect on their findings relative to initial conjectures they have made. 

Activity 3: Using CODAP

  • Students learn how to use CODAP
  • Exploring datasets using CODAP
  • Saving and sharing CODAP documents

Activity 4: Probability activities

  • pose investigative questions for a chance-based situation with equally likely outcomes, listing all possible outcomes for the situation
  • plan, conduct, and record data for a probability experiment
  • create and describe data visualisations for the distribution of observed outcomes from a probability experiment, using them to answer the investigative question
  • compare my findings with those of others when undertaking probability experiments
  • agree or disagree with others’ conclusions about chance-based investigations, with justification