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RS Y8 Fabulous Feet – PPDAC cycle new

Students are introduced to using scatter plots through the context of foot lengths. They use data from CensusAtSchool and interrogate this to see if they think the data is valid and reliable. Students then collect their own data and offer recommendations to the CensusAtSchool team to support improved validity and reliability of the data. 

This activity explores the following key ideas:

  • Investigate relationship situations for paired numerical data (where the relationship is approximately y = x).
  • Use provided data for observational studies and interrogate the dataset (describe information about the variables using data dictionaries).
  • Plan for and collect data.
  • Create data visualisations for relationship investigations.
  • Describe features of data visualisations in context.
  • Answer the investigative question(s) and communicate findings.
  • Reflect on and evaluate investigations.


Connection to a previous activity

This classroom activity has its roots in an old favourite Scatter It. The original activity explored age versus height or age versus arm span, whereas this activity explores foot lengths (connecting to exploring paired numerical variables where the relationship is approximately y = x). The teaching and learning notes are more extensive, supporting teachers with ideas of questions to ask students to develop deeper understanding of working with paired numerical data. The data is linked to the latest CensusAtSchool database (2023), future databases are likely to include the variables (foot length) used in the activity, so the latest database can be used.