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What’s going on in this graph?

The New York Times hosts an interactive platform that discusses a new graph from a media article each week. Suitable for students 13 years and older.

Build quantitative literacy with your middle and high school math, science, and humanities students with the free, online feature “What’s Going On in This Graph?

The graph has information removed and asks learners to consider what do they notice about the graph?

What do they wonder about the information presented in the graph?

On Tuesday, December 12 2017 and every second Tuesday through the school year, The New York Times Learning Network, in partnership with the American Statistical Association, hosts a live online discussion about a timely graph.  Students from around the world “read” the graph by posting comments about what they notice and wonder in an online forum.  Teachers live-moderates by responding to the comments in real time and encouraging students to go deeper.  All releases are archived so that teachers can use previous graphs anytime.  Visit this introductory post to learn more.