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Video: Trend, scatter and outliers [6:42]

In this video, we begin looking at scatterplots and ways of viewing and interpreting them.

(See also the Review Questions following the movie)

[Illustrated transcript (pdf)]

After you’ve watched this video, you should be able to answer these questions:

  • How do we use a scatter plot to predict a new outcome at a given value of the predictor variable?
  • How can we find a range of values that is likely to contain the new outcome?
  • When will the prediction intervals/ranges be wide and when will they be narrow?
  • What must we assume when we use existing data to predict a new outcome?
  • In what type of region is it particularly dangerous to make predictions?
  • How can we check visually whether a trend line or curve is positioned properly?
  • What should the trend value corresponding to a particular predictor-variable value (the value 5 was used in the video) be telling us about?

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