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Statistical Investigations Part 3

These lesson plans were developed in conjunction with the TLRI research project: Building students’ inferential reasoning: statistics curriculum levels 5 and 6.

While each series of activities are set up as lesson plans, they may take more or less than a lesson of class time.  They form a possible sequence of learning and each block works together with the other blocks.  The lessons are developed using CensusAtSchool (2009) data, they could be adapted to any data set or any year of CensusAtSchool.

Lesson 9: Using Fathom

Focus for lesson: • Introduction to Fathom. • Using Fathom to draw dot plots and box plots. • Describing sample data.

Lesson 10: Multiple samples from one population – to making the call

Focus for lesson: • Direction of the shift • Consistency across samples

Lesson 11: More multiple samples

Focus for lesson: • Reinforcing the message using “movies” Time to School movie and Heights movie.

Lesson 12: Making a call

Focus for lesson: • Using the ideas behind making a call to explore other questions.


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