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Standard Overview and links (AS91266)

This standard is derived from Achievement Objectives S7.3, Evaluate statistically based reports.  In particular, identifying sampling and possible non-sampling errors in surveys, including polls.

Students are required to evaluate a statistically based report using their knowledge of statistical concepts and exercising statistical literacy.  Sampling methods, population measures and variables, including polls and surveys, sampling variability, appropriate data displays and sampling and possible non-sampling errors and the effect of sample size need to be studied.  Students apply this knowledge to analytically dissect a report from the media within the context and intention of the report.  Teachers can use worry questions, writing frames and literacy strategies to encourage students to begin writing. The glossary of statistical terms may be a helpful resource.  It is an opportunity for students to question what they are presented with from the media, and realise the pitfalls (or motivation) of misinterpreting results.

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