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What would your ID card look like? 

Are you a boy or a girl?  How did you get to school?  How big are your feet?  What is your hair length? 

In this activity, one data card is like a person’s ID card.  It tells us useful information about each person.  When students are using data from CensusAtSchool, it is very important for students to take time to “unpack the variables”.   This activity starts with 35 data cards and gets students familiarise themselves with data types, pose investigative questions, draw dot plots and bar graphs and make summary statements.

Achievement Objectives

Level 2 

S2-1 Conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle:

  • A posing and answering quetsions
  • B gathering, sorting, and displaying category and whole-number data
  • C communicating findings, using data displays

Level 3

S3-1 Conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle:

  • A gathering, sorting, and displaying multivariate cateogory and whole-number data to answer questions
  • B identifying patterns and trends in context, within and between data sets
  • C communicating findings, using data displays.


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