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FAO Statistical Yearbooks

The World Food and Agriculture Organisation compile reports based on country data for a wide range of themes: agricultural production, productivity and growth, investment, rural population and well-being, poverty, rural employment, gender, food security, food safety and nutrition, natural resource use in agricultural activities (e.g. land, water and forest), climate change, environmental pollution and biodiversity.

How to retrieve Yearbook data
The data used in the books are presented via charts and maps that form the basis of key
indicators. A more detailed overview of the data is provided by way of tables located
at the end of each thematic part. Documentation about the data, their methodology
and sources can be found through the MetaLink key below each indicator. For the web
version, the user can simply click on the MetaLink key, and will be directed to information about the data. Furthermore, a small icon allows the user to directly download the data presented in each indicator.

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