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Developing Quality in Mathematics Education (DQME)

This is a repository of resources, many of which use statistical concepts and modelling.

You will need to register before you access the resources. Registration is free.

There are  thousands of resources, they are able to be sorted by age of students (10 to 20 year olds), however, keep in mind that Europe will introduce different concepts at different ages, and have different curriculum foci. This may benefit ESOL students as the resources are available in 10 languages.

New Zealand teachers, if you adapt a resource to fit our New Zealand context, please share it via CensusAtSchool and acknowledge the source and original writer. We would be happy to list these on this page.


The European Union Comenius Continuation Project: DQME II  (Developing Quality in Mathematics Education) (2007-2010) followed on from the original DQME I project (2004-2007) which produced an enormous amount of practical classroom materials, as well as many new ideas for learning and teaching mathematics. These materials have been available since 2006, throughout the 11 partner countries and in 10 languages, via the DQME project website.

Please bookmark the NEW address at and recommend it to your teacher colleagues.

When you register on the webpage and then login ALL materials can be downloaded from the 11 country sites (in ten languages).

We recommend you have a look at this exceptionally rich site and Enjoy!

Dr. Alan Rogerson
DQME3 Co-ordinator