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Data Journalism

Harkanwal Singh is an example of a new generation of data editors. Helping the public make sense of big data sets.

These interactive he has created allow the viewer access to information in very powerful ways. Harkanwal asks questions of the data, but his aim is really  to get the viewer to start asking their own questions. He gives us the tools to do that with these visualizations.

This New Zealand Herald on-line article used bi-variate cricket data. This new way of going about informing the (cricketing) public is catching on in the world of journalism.

Harkanwal Singh, has written up an analysis alongside the plots, then asked some data informed questions, ultimately, he leaves it up to the cricketing public to decide!

Who is the best one day cricketer?

These examples of data journalism are a great source to start students thinking about how topics relate:

How the budget is spent.

How rents have changed in your suburb.

NZ cycling crashes 2008 – 2012



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