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Confidence Intervals developing big ideas

Dr Michelle Dalrymple has summarized her views of the learning progressions and experiences for students learning about statistical inference in a Blog site.

Michelle highlights common themes and sticking points for students and their teachers. These include the new ideas at each level, what needs reinforcing, and “watch-fors”.

The progression usually begins in Year 9 or 10, and is followed by the standards: Level 1 Multivariate data 91035, Level 2 Inference 91264, Level 3 Formal Inference 91582.

This resource is helpful for all statistics teachers, to help with “getting it right”, especially new teachers or those new to teaching statistical inference through sampling. Please share this resource with your colleagues.

DR DAMRYMPLE’S BLOG Background on confidence intervals and sample variation

Inference progressions document – Teaching knowledge

Let Michelle know if you find it helpful, ask for clarification, play spot the errors etc.

Dr Michelle Dalrymple
Head of Faculty
Mathematics & Statistics
Cashmere High School