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Clarifying inferences at Level 3 – Michelle Dalrymple (Online lessons)

Clarifying inferences at Level 3: Sample-to-population inferences & Experiment-to-causation inferences 

Abstract: Most Level 3 Statistics courses cover some work on both sample-to-population inferences and experimental-to-causal inferences.  Students often find it difficult and confusing when they need to distinguish between the two.  The aim of the workshop was to clarify the differences between the two inference types.  Teachers worked through the key teaching activities for developing students’ understanding of both the bootstrapping and randomisation analysis tools.

Resources: All Michelle’s inference workshop resources are in a folder here, including her powerpoint. The folder contains both Doozer (first developed for Cognition workshop series) and Pugs files needed for developing students understanding of bootstrapping. Also included are the High-jumping-dogs files for developing students understanding of re-randomisation techniques. This workshop is essentially a “speed” version of the initial roll-out workshops presented nationally back in 2011/2012 using different data sets.

Online learning (during lockdown or otherwise) Michelle has made these online lessons, including video’s to assist students stuck at home through the inference standard.

Find out more about Michelle’s work at her Blog.

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