3.9 Data sets for bivariate investigations

Nine data sets in csv format accompanied by an outline (pdf) of the context and variables for each data set as well as prompts for investigations.

The list of data sets include:

  • American new cars and trucks (2004)
  • New cars in America (1993)
  • Child smokers
  • Diamonds are forever
  • Dungeness crabs
  • Mammal brains
  • Oil tanker spills and worldwide usage
  • The pace of life
  • Statistics about the world’s population


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  • Tracey M

    Please note that the two data files, New Cars in America (1993) and Statistics about the world’s population, have been corrected and updated as of 28th March.
    Thanks to Jenni Holden for noticing the errors.

  • Albert Balachandran

    Could anyone please tell me where the mammal brains data has come from?

  • Zac

    Thanks for the resource!!

  • Chris

    I get an openable file (.rar) when I click the link. Is it MAC compatible?

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