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S Y2 Our Lost Teeth – PPDAC cycle new

A statistical enquiry aimed at Year 2 ākonga, around lost teeth. This includes follow-up suggestions for future discussions and data analysis over time. 

This activity explores the following key ideas: 

  • contribute to formulating an investigative question that can be answered with data
  • anticipate what the data might show, eg which outcomes might be more frequent than others 
  • discuss how the data-gathering process might affect other people 
  • identify who and what the data measures 
  • collect categorical data for more than one variable 
  • create data visualisations for categorical data, eg pictographs and dot plots
  • describe data visualisations for categorical data, noting the frequencies of categories, eg most frequent category, least frequent category 
  • choose statements from class created descriptive statements that best answers the investigative question 
  • match statements made by others with features in simple data visualisations, and agree or disagree with the statements