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Figure.NZ founded by Lillian Grace, is a website making data about New Zealand visually accessible for everyone.

There is a vast amount of data available on New Zealand’s performance and position globally, but extracting this data into usable forms requires both time and skill. Figure.NZ brings data together in one place, in visual formats that allow information to be easily digested.

As the name indicates Figure.NZ works with a range of providers to publish data through an audited process.

The venture has been live since December 2012 and currently has about 20,000 visitors each month.  The aim is to grow this number to about 200,000 per month and become a household name.  This will be done by partnering with organizations to increase auditing and content creation capacity, by targeting specific user groups like education and media, and by running national campaigns.

Watch Lillian Grace at TEDx  Auckland

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