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What’s Stats got to do with it?

Well Wine, cricket and buses for a start! PhD students (Jelena Cosic, Tom Elliott & Ollie Stevenson -University of Auckland) shared their research journeys so that Stats teachers have “better work stories” to tell students and to inspire them to continue their study of statistics.

After a successful first run last year, the panel returned with a fresh crop of PhD students eager to share their research journeys and what they would tell their 16-year-old selves about what they are doing now. Jelena is helping vineyards enhance their sustainability and longevity, Ollie has been presenting his work to Cricket NZ and can tell you whether the ‘nervous 90s’ are really a thing, and Tom knows how late your bus home is going to be. The link to Tom’s presentation is at the end of Ollie’s pdf file below. Jelena’s presentation is currently not available.

Cricket and Buses

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