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NZ Visitor Arrivals (Monthly)

Time series of visitor arrivals to New Zealand (by country) for 2000-2015.

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Metadata: Visitor arrivals by country of residence and travel mode (Monthly)
Retrieved 14 March 2016 from Infoshare, series: Visitor arrivals by country of residence and travel mode (Monthly)

Table information: Number, Magnitude = Units

Data is derived from a sample of records and hence may contain sample error. Caution should be used when using data with low cell values.
Visitor arrivals are overseas residents arriving in New Zealand for a stay of less than 12 months.
For arrival series, the country of residence is the country where a person last lived for 12 months or more (country of last permanent residence).
The United Kingdom also includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
Cruise passengers have only been collected separately since September 1997.
Cruise passengers are only recorded as arrivals or departures if they begin or end their cruise in New Zealand. Otherwise, they are regarded as being in transit, even if they leave the ship for periods while it is in New Zealand.
For detailed metadata about countries used in International Travel and Migration statistics, see DataInfo+.
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C: Confidential
E: Early Estimate
P: Provisional
R: Revised
S: Suppressed
Status flags are not displayed
Table reference: ITM115AA
Last updated: 25 February 2016 10:45am
Source: Statistics New Zealand
Contact: Information Centre
Telephone: 0508 525 525
  • Source: Infoshare
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