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Describing Trends – Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand

Eight monthly and quarterly time series datasets have been collected from Statistics New Zealand and have been customised in “Infoshare” to CSV files appropriate/adequate for iNZight. Seven are multiplicative and one is additive.

For each dataset the total data for the variables being analysed have been added. Model paragraphs as to how a professional statistician would describe the trend, seasonal, and remainder of the variables being compared have been added. There is also a paragraph that highlights comparisons and differences between the variables being analysed and the total data.

At the beginning of each time series resource the “Total” data for the variables that are being analysed have been included with no commentary. It has been used to see whether the variables that have been analysed have had an effect on the total. In addition, this enables users to provide their own commentaries about the “Total” data to test their knowledge.

At the end of each time series resource a set of notes on how to obtain the particular dataset from the Statistics New Zealand website as well as how to import and analyse the data in iNZight has been added. Also, for some of the time series datasets, a “useful links” section in the metadata is included whereby references have been used that have been used in model answers.

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