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15 Time Series Datasets (2012)

A selection of data sets compiled for investigating time series data.  Also included in the zip file is Information on Time Series data sets and Meta data files (which identifies the source, variables and type of analysis) for time series data sets.

  1. Building consents
  2. Carbon dioxide emissions in Hawaii
  3. Food for thought
  4. International Air passenger data
  5. Polar Ice data (Updated 2017 by Marion Steel, Source: National Snow and Ice Data Center)
  6. Average number of visitors in NZ by purpose
  7. Dwelling consents
  8. Labour Force Survey data by regions
  9. Permanent & Long-term migration to & from Australia
  10. Permanent & long-term migration totals
  11. CPI NZ data – All Groups
  12. Total passenger movements
  13. Visitor arrival totals
  14. Visitor departure totals
  15. USA Beer production

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