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Sugar guzzlers

It was recently reported that an average New Zealand child guzzles almost 6kg of sugar a year in sweetened drinks. Is this true?

We can use statistics to answer all sorts of questions and to investigate lots of ideas.

The purpose of this activity is to carry out a statistical investigation in the same way a statistician would.
It may take from 1 to 3 lessons and is centred around investigating a claim made in an article in the NZ Herald in May 2005 that the average student drinks contain 6kg of sugar over a year. Students use CensusAtSchool data.


Achievement Objectives

  • Level 5
    • S5-1 Plan and conduct surveys and experiments using the statistical inquiry cycle
    • S5-2 Evaluate statistical investigations or probability activities undertaken by others, including data collection methods, choice of measures, and validity of findings


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