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S Y3 Pineapple on Pizza – PPDAC cycle new

Two statistical enquiry cycles aimed at Year 3 ākonga. Ākonga explore classroom preferences around pineapple on pizza. Ākonga then explore secondary data using the 2023 CensusAtSchool Year 1-3 data cards.

This activity explores the following key ideas: 

  • pose summary investigative questions about everyday situations, using categorical data 
  • anticipate which outcomes might be more frequent than others
  • use survey questions to collect data from others 
  • discuss how the data-gathering process might affect other people 
  • collect, record, and sort data or use secondary data sources 
  • create data visualisations, eg picture graphs, dot plots, and bar graphs using provided grids 
  • describe data visualisations for categorical data 
  • answer an investigative question by choosing statements from findings