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After this lesson the students will:

  • Be able to read a multivariate data table
  • Know how to ask questions of data
  • Know how to use “I notice… I wonder…” statements.
  • Have a list of questions that can be explored using statistical methods (this will be used in future lessons).

Students are given a multivariate table with a sample of 25 from the C@S database. 7 variables are explored. This activity encourages students (and teachers) to start thinking about new questions that can be posed about the dataset as a whole. The students are beginning to ‘ask questions of the data’. Once we have a question or a hypothesis we can then start to reason with the data and come to a new understanding of the whole dataset in the multivariate table. Students will generate all sorts of statements/questions, some of which cannot be answered using the data alone and might involve collecting other information.

The statements can be used in any maths lesson. They are useful phrases that help to engage the students in noticing and exploring patterns and ideas.


Level 3-4-5

Achievement Objectives

  • Level 3
    • S3-1 Conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle
      • B identifying patterns and trends in context, within and between data sets
  • Level 4
    • S4-1 Plan and conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle
      • B gathering, sorting, and displaying multivariate category, measurement, and time-series data to detect patterns, variations, relationships, and trends
  • Level 5
    • S5-1 Plan and conduct surveys and experiments using the statistical enquiry cycle
      • D using multiple displays, and re-categorising data to find patterns, variations, relationships, and trends in multivariate data sets

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