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Having fun with Probability Concepts and Solving Problems – Dr Nic (SLC)

Nicola Petty, aka Dr Nic, makes the move away from dice and coin tossing. She explains that not only are they boring contexts but when we use equi-probable equipment all the time it can entrench incorrect ideas. She uses problems that matter, and discusses ethical aspects when teaching probability. Dr Nic answers the burning questions for teachers exploring probability with their students:

Is there such a thing as ‘true’ probability?

How are model estimates and experimental estimates related?

Whatever happened to subjective probability?

What does the curriculum mean by good model, poor model and no model?

How do you teach about deterministic and probabilistic models?

What exactly is a model and why is it hard for students to get their head around the concept?


Note: Due to technical difficulties the Audio file and power point presentation are separate items. They are best viewed together.

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