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Statistics Figure it Out Books

A series of 80 free books by Learning Media and the Ministry of Education.   There are books for Statistics but you may find other books great for inspiration.  Teacher notes and answers are available for download on Tāhūrangi – Mathematics and Statistics content on Tāhūrangi.

Links to the content pages for the Statistics Figure It Out books on Tāhūrangi.

Statistics (Years 4-6 | Level 2-3)

Statistics (Years 5-6 | Level 3)

Statistics (Years 6-8 | Level 3-4)

Statistics in the Media (Years 6-8 | Level 3+-4)

Statistics Book One (Years 7-8 | Level 4)

Statistics Book Two (Years 8-9| Level 4+)

Statistics in the Media (Years 7-9 | Level 4-4+)

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