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Census Education and Training

Dear Educator,

The census is the official count of people and dwellings in New Zealand. At Statistics NZ we are committed to working with community groups and service providers like you to make sure everyone can take part in the census and benefit from the information we produce. Students’ families will be involved in completing the next Census. Your role in educating students about whathow and why statistics are collected, and the integral part they play in decision making cannot be overlooked.

The census data aims to inform and broaden our audience base and tell New Zealand’s statistical stories. Products from the latest 2023 census are due to be released starting in May 2024.

Other products on our website that may be of interest include:

Census information helps determine how billions of dollars are spent in the community. It is needed for planning vital public services such as education, health, housing, and transport. Census data also provides information for community service funding. Businesses, councils, community groups, and iwi also use census information to plan for the future.

Find statistics from the 2018 Census, and information about how we produce it. We have modernised how and what we collect. For example, in 2018, most people in New Zealand provided their information online. Your knowledge about the census and why it is important to New Zealand, plays an important part in helping us reach a range of audiences, particularly younger people who may not have heard about the census.

We hope you take the time to look at our products and how communities use these. We look forward to working with you in the future to promote the importance of the census.

For further information on the census, including resources in different languages, visit

Ngā mihi

Denise McGregor

Census Manager

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