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To give an awesome bear hug you need really long arms so that your arms get all the way around the person you are hugging.

Does the average student have arms long enough to give a bear with a circumference of 160cm a hug?

In this activity you will explore how long the average arm span is and if it is bigger than the 160cm required to hug a bear. Students use data from the ‘Nosey parker’ activity (24 students from the C@S website) to construct appropriate displays and calculate and interpret sample statistics. They assess the distribution shape and use their analysis to make an inference about the population of students’ armspans.


Achievement Objectives

  • Level 5
    • S5-1Plan and conduct surveys and experiments using the statistical enquiry cycle
      • B considering sources of variation
      • D using multiple displays, and re-categorising data to find patterns, variations, relationships, and trends in multivariate data sets
      • E comparing sample distributions visually, using measures of centre, spread, and proportion

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