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Te Tūhuratanga Tauanga He Toa Tūhura Koe

Download a print quality PDF version of the cycle if you would like to print one or more copies yourself.

A data detective poster with a picture of a slightly older student in the middle is also available:  Data detective poster, Version 2

English version: Are you a data detective?

Permissions: CensusAtSchool New Zealand hereby grants textbook writers and other producers of educational materials permission to freely use the Data detective poster image in their materials provided attribution is made to CensusAtSchool New Zealand together with our url, and an email is sent, informing us of their intentions, to

Poster is Copyright © 2008 CensusAtSchool New Zealand. Māori translation is Copyright © 2009 Ministry of Education.  Artwork by Antonina Moala, layout by Antonina Moala and Stephen Cope. Translation to Māori by Learning Media Te Pou Taki Kōrero for Ministry of Education.