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Response to the 2014 NZQA external assessments

The Education Committee of the NZ Statistical Association is very pleased to be able to make input to the Ministry of Education’s RAMP process on statistics in NZ schools.

RAMP is the Ministry’s Review and Maintenance Programme for resources.

This document has the header statement for each question from the RAMP survey that has an open question (or two), then the open question(s). Our responses are in red. As a spatially scattered committee, we are not able to provide ratings on the 1 to 10 scale.

Details on RAMP are at:

A response to the 2014 NZQA external assessments in the statistics strand of Mathematics and Statistics from NZ Statistical Association Education Committee. 15/4/2015.


  • Recommendations
  • Origin and purpose of this document
  • The 2014 assessments
  • Level 1: AS91037: Demonstrate understanding of chance and data
  • Level 2: AS91267: Apply probability methods in solving problems
  • Level 3: AS91585: Apply probability concepts in solving problems
  • Level 3: AS91586: Apply probability distributions in solving problems
  • Level 3: AS91584: Evaluate statistically based reports
  • Scholarship: Statistics

Origin and purpose of this document:

This document was prepared by members of the NZ Statistical Association’s Education Committee, for NZQA and for publication on the CensusAtSchool site, in March and April 2015.

The purpose is to support the continual improvement of assessment in statistics. Much of this document was written before the schedules for the assessments became available.

We have had a limited amount of time available for this task, but want to make sure the feedback is timely. We apologise for any unclarity or unevenness.

We welcome further discussion. Please contact or other Committee members.

Response to 2014 external assessments from NZSA Ed Com as sent

The RAMP survey is at:; till 7 April 2015.

Access to the materials is at: .


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