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Reports, Data and Visual essays

Gapminder Bubble charts. You get a really short answer, a longer answer and then the full report. Brilliant as an intro to statistical reports.

The conversation. Well researched written articles with links to further info and data sources.

StatsNZ: Data visualisations

New Zealand progress indicators – What are the issues?

National population estimates (2017) and associated press releases (at end)

USA Stats and visual essays: Full reports and press releases for news media.

How high school students use time: a visual essay  (11 pages)

Time use of working parents: a visual essay

Teachers’ work patterns: when, where, and how much do U.S.teachers work? 

Variations in time use at stages of the life cycle (8 pages)

Where people worked, 2003 to 2007  (3 pages) v press report (1/2 page)

Work-at-home patterns by occupation (3 pages) v abstract (1/2 page)

Workdays for people in healthcare occupations (2 pages)

Spotlight on Statistics: Sports and exercise (27 pages)

A Demographic Profile of U.S. Workers Around the Clock  v Careers for night owls and early birds

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