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Ministry of Education Mathematics and Statistics Newsletter Term 4, 2013

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He iti hoki te mokoroa nāna i kakati te kahikatea

The mokoroa (grub) may be small but it cuts through the kahikatea (white pine). This can refer to the fact while we are taking small steps, our contributions matter and with every little bit of effort great things can come of it.

Welcome to term 4

We hope that you’ve had a relaxing break with plenty of downtime before getting into a busy term ahead. It was great for the facilitators to meet so many of you at the NZAMT13 conference in Wellington. What a wonderful celebration of work within the Mathematics and Statistics learning area!

With the theme being ‘Absolutely, Positively Maths and Stats’, the workshops were varied, innovative and had the students at the centre of learning. It was great to hear the inspiring keynote speakers who were able to leave us on a high note.

Huge congratulations to everyone involved in the organisation of this conference. It takes such dedication and commitment, all on top of your teaching programmes. The banner has been handed on to the next region to host NZAMT14 – Auckland 2015.

Mathematics and Statistics survey results

Almost 200 middle leaders of mathematics and statistics responded to a survey on their priorities for 2014. Two thirds identified L3 NCEA as their highest priority for professional development, with NCEA L3 Statistics being identified as the most urgent need. Additional areas for specific focus were subject specific literacy, managing course designs, and year 9-10 preparing for NCEA. The preferred time for PLD was for whole school days, but timing, school budget and inability to access their priority topics were identified as barriers to attending.

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