NZC Level 7, NCEA Level 2: Statistics and Probability

2.10 Conduct an experiment to investigate a situation using statistical methods

Internal 3 credits

This standard is derived from Achievement Objectives S7.1, Carry out investigations of phenomena using the statistical enquiry cycle.
In particular,

  • conducting experiments
  • evaluating the choice of measures for variables and data collection methods used
  • using relevant contextual knowledge, exploratory data analysis, and statistical inference.

Evidence of each step of the statistical enquiry cycle should be documented. This process includes posing an investigative question, plan and conduct the experiment, select appropriate displays and measures, discuss findings in a conclusion, supporting findings with evidence gained from the experiment.  Note that an experiment requires an intervention and cannot be an observation study.
Experiments can be either,

  • Two independent group comparison, or
  • Paired comparisons.

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